A Brief Outline Of My Lifetime Of Railway Modelling

My proper railway modelling falls broadly into three era’s and there is a section for each. Those three era’s I have broadly labelled as “N Gauge” “4mm ” and “Garden”, although as you may see, there are overlaps between all three.

OK, firstly, it all started when I was 3&1/2 years old and my parents gave me a trainset for Christmas ( I still don’t actually know why, I don’t recall any railways interests that early!). It was manufactured by the original Graham Farish company in the very early 1950's. I had a GWR Prairie 2-6-2T, and a GWR King loco, plus 2 Pullman coaches and half a dozen wagons.

Unfortunately the G-F loco's needed very large radius curves and the tracks were fixed to a huge board which required all the furniture to be pushed back to the walls and needless to say that didn’t happen very often!

That set up was sensibly supplanted a year later by one of the very early Triang OO sets which was much more manageable. This developed slowly as I grew, until in my early teens it was supplanted, firstly by R/C vehicles, aircraft and boats, followed by the start of a career, marriage and family.

Then, when my eldest son was three years old, he demanded a train set for his birthday. We felt that at 3 he really was a bit too young and delayed it until the Christmas ( history repeating itself?).
At 3&1/2 years old, he was happy with a train hurtling round in circles, but I wasn’t, I wanted buildings, sidings, multiple trains, etc,
.....and that leads me neatly to “N Gauge”.